Thermal Imaging 

Roofing, attic, ventilation and insulation

Foundation and crawlspaces

grading and drainage

Interior walls, ceiling, floors and doors

Exterior windows, doors and siding

Stairways, balcony, porch and decks


Electrical, HVAC and plumbing

Buying your new home,  is perhaps the most important purchase decision you will ever have to make. Buying your first home, or buying your twentieth home – purchasing a property is a huge investment. It’s important for you to be selective when choosing your property inspection service, and choose a property inspector that is professional, honest, patient and that takes pride in providing service with integrity and quality. Similarly – if you are selling your home, it’s important for you to be educated completely on how property inspections work – and what potential delays or problems you might face. Having a home inspection in the can save you thousands of dollars, worry and headache by providing full disclosure and helpful information regarding damage, needed repairs and possible safety hazards. It’s important to choose professional to inspect your property that will provide a complete home inspection report and offer maintenance or safety recommendations. We are here for you contact us to schedule your next home inspection today